Computer progress in todays world – intelligent robots and equipment – possibilities and dangers.

Autor: whity
Since films like AI or Blade Runner many people have started deliberating about robots and AI. When The Matrix with Keanu Reaves has been shown on cinema and TV screens the spectators realized how forceful their creations could be. As every development robots and computers can bring some possibilities and threats for people.

Decent application for sale firm

Autor: mazaletel
When we are looking around the street we can notice plenty of individuals, who are using modern smart phone. device like that is really useful nowadays, it isn't just a phone, but either a small laptop.

What kind of PC freeware developing is the most advanced?

Autor: Carmen Rodriguez
There are no typical questions regarding the point that computer technology is influencing on our everyday life. today we are using multiple gadgets that can easily make our tasks more easy.