Some reasons why you should visit Poland this year

Central and Eastern Europe is becoming more and more famous among tourist. Poland, the biggest country in this part of Europe, is particularly worth-visiting. Poland has plenty to offer to everybody, whether you look for big, lively cities, historical experience or marvellous landscapes. So, it may be an amazing place to spend your holiday. This short article presents some reasons why this is worth to visit Poland.

1. History
It is one of these countries, that have experienced complicated as well as extremely hard history. Poland has been invaded, divided disappeared from maps for over hundred years!), and experienced by first and second world wars (enough to list here extermination camps and complete destruction of plenty of cities). This is also the placy, where famous Solidarnosc movement began! Thus, if you like history, this will be the perfect holiday destination for you!
2. Countryside as well as nature


Autor: Kamil Świdrak

Poland has rather unique countryside. It is not only breath-taking, but still looks pretty much as from the old days. As coming back to nature experience becomes more and more fashionable, Polish countryside might be a perfect place to experience it. There are a lot of villages with beautiful lakes or surrounded by amazing forests (read more information). You might learn how to milk cows or bake bread. You might also experience many amazing activities as, for instance, horse-riding or canoeing. It apparently depends which part of Poland you would pick up.

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But one thing is sure – you will absolutely find something for yourself. Something, which would help you to relax as well as experience the nature. It is enough to mention that Poland has 22 national parks with amazing scenic beauties!


Autor: Filip Maljković

3. Marvellous food
Traditional cuisine has been widely influenced by other cultures, for example Jewish, German as well as Hungarian. Because of that, it has its unique taste as well as charm. It is sufficient to mention dishes such as bigos, ogórki kiszone, barszcz or żurek. Once you try it, you will definitely come back for more! In tons of Polish shops abroad you can see men and women, who look for Polish products as they just fall in love with them during their stay in Poland!
4. Convenent infrastructure
It is easy to travel around Poland. There are airports in most of cities that are attractive between tourists. It means, that you can easily book flights to Poznan or flights to Rzeszow, without spending numerous hours in trains or buses (click page). Furthermore, if you book flights in advance, they are really cheap!
5. Amazing individuals and beautiful women
Polish women are considered to be the most gorgeous l women in the word. Many foreigners, who had visited this country, fell in love with Polish woman and finally stayed there.

What’s more, Polish guys are extremely welcoming. Even though it can be difficult to get their full trust at first, once you manage to do it, you would be friends for the long time!