Android system evolution and its rough origins

Android is nowadays the prevailing player in the mobile OS market. The Google mobile software is today an undeniable dominance that is becoming more and more audacious not solely in mobile gadgets.

It also gets to TV sets (as Android TV). However, it has not always been like this.


Źródło: pixabay

Autor: David Geitgey Sierralupe
Pretty often the brand “Android” is only mentioned in relation with Google. The search engine colossus had aluminium steps has lots in common with the most common mobile operating system worldwide, but it is not the only compant that is accountable for the development of this system. Calling Android software developed just by Google is so incorrect that neither Google created this product, nor is it the only institution affecting the expansion of this software. Nowadays, Android is actually a solution of a huge business alliance with the Open Handset Alliance. What is more, this alliance was not created only yesterday but it accompanies the Android development from the start of its market pathway. Simultaneously, it should be reminded that this alliance is accountable not solely for the progress of the Android software, but also for numerous other products and programs that have evolved the face of current civilization. In October 2008, the first version of Android software was prepared. It was obvious, however, that it was impossible to introduce a new mobile software in isolation from the devices on which it would work.

Even though today it may seem practically incredible, then Google had lots of problems finding collaborators willing to help in the field of offering equipment operating under the command of Android.