Time tracking with jira – a solution of 21st c. where point in time and high quality of finishing job is the most influential

Now, increasingly people workindependently and they are part of huge tasks where they are finish task by task to make a large task. Tonight will be demonstrated software which lets tracking the point in time of eery member of your group, to cooperate with the users of the group and take part in group activities.


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This text will demonstrate software which allows you to complete great projects, cooperate with huge number of people and fruitfully finishing given tasks on point in time. Time tracking with jira has been grown by Australian enterprise software company called Atlassian, INC. which is famous on Australian and international marketplace for over 10 years.

Jira was released on the marketplace in 2002 and it is even now grown and updated.What are the most powerful characteristics of the product?

Jira offers a possibility to create various tasks and take part in it in an active way. Let’s assume that you posses a task X to finish with several colleagues from your group work.

The first thing you have to make is to establish a new project on Jira’s dashboard. In this place you create the title of your assignment, point in time of completing the task and what is the most important – you are able to prepare invitations to people you want to collaborate with.

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Let’s look closer at the dashboard display. There are five important parts which are the most common while creating the task.

The 1st one is details about the assignment. Here you will find the most important dates concerning the assignment. Here are:- Kind of the task- Priority- Status

The second section is a description – here you can give general description of the given job. A detailed description is able to make easier you and your pals with completing the assignment without any delay.

Attachments – you can add some photos or films which will make you and your colleagues finish the assignment sooner and with no any problems.

The fourth parts are individuals – an assignee and a reporter.

The 5th and the most influential are dates. Here are provided 2 dates: the date of making the project and the day of uploading.

The showed software is a solution of 21st century where moment in time and high quality of completing task is the most influential.