The forthcoming scenarios for the development of mining machines

Very often in the media, particularly on television, we may notice big excavating equipment operating in opencast pits worldwide. Big earthmoving equipment breaking through the tons of rock substances to bring to the surface the riches from beneath the surface of the earth.
Even though Polish equipment is broadly employed in mines, it is not the case that Polish producers have a holding on furnishing local mines.


Autor: Consuelo Ternero
mining machines

Autor: Sean MacEntee

Nonetheless, we give the choice of equipment parameters to miners. Every instrument operating on the outcrop is an expenditure of many dozen million zlotys for the pit, but once in many years. The requirement of the outlook is to replace the miners, in their most dangerous and tiresome work in opencast and underground mines, mining machines with artificial intelligence. These are supposed to be mining machines that hear, see and feel, and therefore self-drilling and self-guidinh, with minimal human interference. The unconditional need to increment the security, availability and performance of mining machinery and equipment used in extensive and complicated mining and transport systems of opencast mines reqUEsts remote control of equipment or even the autonomy of their operation. This is importantly truthful for those zones of the world where there are obstacles in engaging professionals to work in the openpit mine (underground drilling machine) due to its position away from human habitation and in a weather that is unfavorable to human beings.

Currently, openpit mines are the most progressive in the introduction of comprehensive automation, gradually evolving into autonomous operation of mining machinery.