Did new automobiles are a determinant of social status? How can we avoid the public differences? Few evidence about people mentalities.

Conceive followed situation. You are sitting on a sunbed in your garden. You are relaxed and think honestly about nothing. Then you hear the sound of the motor. You pal bought new machine like BMW F07 code 2002. New, splendid car directly from the shop. Envy? Of course, everyone wants to have splendid stuff.


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But at that same time we can devastate our head. Neighbor from the introduction bought this marvelous car from two reasons. First solution is only because he could. Psychologists named it momentum effect. When crowd do what celebrities or pals do they stop thinking fairly. They claim that when someone famous have something then they must have it too. Another issue raised at the introduction. Endless pursuit of happiness causes searching fresh stuff to buy day after day. Noticed auto is just an example.

Watches, houses, smartphone – people day after day want first-rate things which often has inodinate price to condition. When you see newest BMW X1 E84 on acquaintances driveway, you want that same car but with additional and with bonus discount like BMW E84 nav free shipping – . Also you can say, that you buy greater machine in that same price, what is persecute for your pal. But cars is not everything. That same is with houses.

When you live in block of flats, you absolutely want have greater and better equipped flat. When you exisist in the countryside you want larger greenhouse with larger quantity of flowers and trees. And it is just one thing to prevent that thinking. You should to respect that what you get and become live by a large “L”.

When we will focused on experiencing and not on possession we will be honestly glad. Before that we may be only one of the natural, angry persons which we meet every day on the streets. So, at the end, short hint. Please remember – truly important is this what you have inside you, not in posession.