How to run a corporation in modern world? – usefull advices.

In these days is very easy to start your own organistaion. When you live in the UK it takes 24 hours, in other developing European countries this time takes more time, but it is getting better in this matter.Being your own chief it a wonderful thing, it gives you a lot of great possibilities, however there are also some dangers, but first of all you have to have got an idea of your business.

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There is no need to have a organisation only in reality, the Internet give us a lot of possibilities to make money, therefore if you work as an engineer you may create a firm named development” and start your adventure in the Internet and then in the real world. Analysis from the last months showed that 40% of trade take place in the Web.

In the next decade it will probably about 50 % of it. It is a great advantage to open your first organisation in the Internet, because it is possible that your development” organisation will be positively verified by bigger players and that is the most simple method to get new clients – software design. It is a good idea to hire a gifted webmaster to create and design your new business website. It must be transparent for your potential buyers, they have to be focus on matters they want to buy and not on useless looking for good icon to click, furthermore it is important to have accurate delivery of your organisation product.


Autor: Ken Mayer

A not long time of delivery and fair price (it doesn’t mean that it need to be small money, it should fit the quality of a proposed product). Clients have to feel that we pay appropriate attention to their needs and treat them right. The last pillar of great business are well-qualified and dedicated employees. A business with very motivated people not only can solve difficult problem, however also support their boss as a fantastic and cheerful friends or even a loving family.

In conclusion – it is a good thing to take this demanding challenge and try to built your own small corporation with outstanding employees. If it bring you a nice money it will be fantastic, if not – you may take a part in something new and increase your abilities.