Save your idea with official patent

Nowadays, technology whole around the globe is really innovated, individuals are using plenty type of comfortable accessories. And even though, still a lot of people are discovering fantastic concepts, which are modifying the planet.

If you are one of those people, you need to protect your modern idea, using special patent.

Autor: Dick Thomas Johnson
To do that, first you have to make certain, that nobody before has invented the same thing. In that case use European patent search. This is international website, where you’ll find any type of advances, that were patented in territory of European Union. Cause thanks to Polish membership, you no longer need to do it in every country, you are only doing it one time. European patent search is free of charge, anyone could use it. This page is divided on several categories, so it will be much easier for you to find anything you like. There’s no Polish version affordable, but it’s really simple to use in English.

After you be sure that nobody invented similar thing before you, you need to get European patent attorney in that case could be useful. You may do it on EPO site, but first, you have to gather many of documents. If you’ve never proceed something like that before, you may get a difficult time with it. That is why, european patent attorney could be very useful. You find someone like that online, writing down proper phrase into your browser. Choose attorney with wisdom in that case, it shouldn’t be difficult. That job wouldn’t cost you much, and because of that, you’ll be proceed everything in proper way.


If you invented some modern technology, you need to get European patent right away, cause only thanks to that, you will be earning money on your concept. There’re dedicated website for that, on which you may find if nobody before invented the same thing. To do everything nice, you need to hire good attorney.